With over 17 years of experience in Real Estate, WCC Properties is committed to helping homeowners sell properties fast. We've helped 1,000s of homeowners in Northeast Indiana turn their properties into cash!

How do we offer such incredible deals? 

We're Indiana's largest homebuyer with a proven track record in Real Estate transactions. The traditional real estate process involves staging, listing, and waiting for other buyers to make offers on your home which require huge amounts of paperwork. Our process buys directly from homeowners on an as-is basis, which means no costly repairs to get your home "listing ready". Best of all? We cover all closing costs and fees which means more money in your pocket. Our team is dedicated to serving our local Indiana community by revitalizing properties of all kinds including new homes, duplexes, condominiums, and properties in need of repair. 

No matter the reason or condition, we'll buy your home! Our real estate team is skilled at cutting through red tape and helping you complete necessary paperwork without unnecessary delays making the sale process of your home smooth and easy.