Selling a House That Needs Work


The ideal way to sell your home is when it’s in tip-top condition and move-in ready. That way you can list it on the market, get top dollar, and be on your way. Yet, some situations arise, leaving you trapped in a dilapidated building.

Costly Repairs

While we may have rose-colored glasses when it comes to our home, when we take them off, we’ll see signs of wear and tear. And upon closer inspection, those signs could be worse than expected. Once you see them, you need to decide… fix them or leave them as-is?

Roof. The part of the house that shields your home from the elements. If shingles blow off or if the roof is old, you risk water damage or your roof collapsing. Properly repairing the roof is a minimum of $10,000. If the problem has already worsened, then you’re looking at even more money.

Sinking/Settling Foundation. The last thing you want to hear is that the foundation of your house is sinking or settling. Your foundation serves as the literal base of your home. If it’s compromised due to shifts in the soil putting pressure on your home’s foundation, it may crack. After that, it could all be downhill, resulting in sinking floors and jammed doors.

Termite Damage. Bugs are gross, especially if they’ve decided to invade your home and destroy it from the inside out. Termites are wood-eating bugs that can eat through the structural beams needed to keep your home standing upright. If you have termites, you’re looking at spending an average of $3,000 according to Orkin. However, that’s just to exterminate the pests. If they’ve already gone through a couple of beams, you’re also looking at structural costs.

Electrical Rewiring. Building codes are constantly changing and updating as more and more safety features are discovered. Unfortunately, that also means that if you have an older home with the original wiring, you might be living in a potential fire hazard. This fix depends entirely on how much of your wiring isn’t up to code and how big your home is.

Fixing a home in these situations may cost more than what the home is worth. So, if your home is more of a headache than a haven, it might be time to sell.


About one in four homes are vandalism victims in the U.S. That means approximately 15% of houses are deliberately damaged. This damage could be minor by just spraying paint on the walls, or more severe by breaking glass and objects within the home. Either way, if your home has been subject to such action, then your confidence as a homeowner and the safety of your family has been jeopardized. Living in such conditions will only make you more uneasy and isn’t worth living there longer than you need to.

So, you may wonder how you could sell your home in such a state. Good news! WCC Properties is a home-buying team that gives you cash for your home no matter the condition. Therefore, don’t go through the hassle of fixing your home’s issues, sell it as-is and move on to the next chapter of your life.