Customer Stories

Referral Program Participant Cody

We have several customers who participate in our Home Referral Program.  

We appreciate these referrals and those who participate in our referral program. Cody received his first referral reward and it took him no time. Cody knew a friend who needed to sell their home, the quicker the better in their case and we were able to help out. Any home, in any condition, we'll make the buying process easy. Refer those you know trying to sell their home to WCC and earn your referral reward.  

" A friend of mine needed to sell his house quickly to move out of state for work. I saw that WCC Properties is paying $2500.00 referral fees, so I reached out to them about the house. They came and looked at it right away, and closed that very same week, and I got paid! I will certainly be referring to them in the future."

- Cody

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