How To Sell Your House

Ready to move? There isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to selling your house. You need to evaluate what your goal is first. Are you trying to get the highest price? Are you trying to sell quickly to move on to the next chapter? Or, are you looking for homeowners who will take care of the home you have built? Here are the ways you can successfully sell your house.

By Real Estate Agent

The traditional way to sell a house is by a real estate agent. A real estate agent can list your home on the market and work to get you the best price. To earn their commission, they will network with other real estate agents, market your home, and negotiate offers on your behalf. Why do they do this? Their incentive is tied to how much money they can make you! The more they get out of your house, the more they get paid.

So, this is a viable way to sell your home, just be aware of the seller fees and closing costs. Plus, it might be more work on your end to get the house “market-ready”. If your house isn’t presentable or if it has issues, future homebuyers may not be eager to put in an offer.


For Sale by Owner

When selling with a realtor, there’s a middleman negotiating the sale. If you are looking for the perfect homeowner to take care of the house you have built, consider selling your house on your own. Everything is in your hands: the listing price, managing the schedule of showings and open houses, and the paperwork. It’s a bit overwhelming but you save in seller fees, and you get the unique chance to sell your home and give an inside scoop about the neighborhood.

When you sell by yourself, you get the chance to accept an offer on your terms, work with future homebuyers, and ensure this is a good decision for everyone involved.


WCC Properties

The previous options can require a lot of work on your end, you may even need to repair the house. You have to stage the house. You have to coordinate with a realtor or manage the offers all by yourself. Then you have to wait to close.

When you sell to WCC Properties, all that goes away! Selling to WCC Proerties is easy. You can leave your house as-is, you can close in as little as 48 hours, and they will give you a fair, cash offer. Plus, they cover all closing costs and fees, so more money gets to stay in your pocket. Forget getting your home “listing ready,” instead, sell your home fast with WCC Properties.

Whichever way you decide to sell your home, ensure you get a fair deal that doesn’t waste your time.